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Sam & Libba – Martha’s Vineyard Wedding

Shaun and I were asked to photograph Sam & Libba’s wedding weekend in Martha’s Vineyard at the beautiful venue of The West Chop Club.  We were very honored because this is the second time we have worked with Libba’s family.  2 years ago we shot her sister’s wedding – Kendall & Ricky.  We felt like family once again because of their warm personalities.  A great example of this is the speech Libba’s mom delivered at the reception.  I feel it is so fitting for both Sam & Libba’s families.  She spoke of the definition of “sistering” in reference to some construction work being done to floor joists they have.  It means:  the process of pairing a structural member that is unable to handle an intended load with another supporting member.  She used this analogy to describe her 4 daughters and their relationship and how this term could actually be “familying” instead.  Both of the couple’s families are so supportive and always there for each other.  I though this was such a fantastic way to sum up the whole feel of the wedding.  So many great friends and family members there to love and support Libba & Sam.  It truly was a heartfelt celebration!  Best Wishes to Libba & Sam.  We hope you enjoy the preview images!