The Face of Love } Happy Annivesary

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of my grandparents. They are truly the most amazing two people in the world.
Here is what they wrote to each other (on Facebook none the less – they’re up with the times!)

{ Happy 63 Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful wife Lee..To dream the impossible dream and have it come true..Who could ask for
anything more.?? Love You Charlie }

{ How the years fly by!! 63 years today and now we have 38 in our family and soon it will be 39. I love you Charlie!! forever!! I
am so proud of you and our family!! }

They are such an inspiration! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Father’s Day } My Dad

He nicknamed me “Crash Gordon” as a kid because I was so graceful

The source of my curly hair

He taught me that Friday the 13th was a lucky day and there was no such thing as superstition

Taught me how to build a fire the old fashioned way – with sticks and a match

Told me the story of walking home a girl he had a crush on and she picked up a half eaten chewy candy off the ground and ate it. That ended that :)

Knows how good a James Bond movie really is

Likes classic rock – that’s the first station programmed on my Pandora

Loves my family like no other and has been married to my mom for 40 years!

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad every day of the year! I love you!

Horse Farm Session } Connecticut Family Session

We met on a gorgeous May evening at McCulloch Farm in Old Lyme CT. I really appreciated that this family recognized the importance of having a family photo done – no matter how old their child is. It wasn’t a special occasion, it was just a moment in the time of their lives that they wanted to capture. And the location was very special to them. They were married here years ago in the field under a tent. I could only imagine how beautiful it must have been as we walked through the field that day.

Charlie } Connecticut Baby Session

Little Charlie decided to make his way into the world a bit early. At his photo shoot he was about 7 weeks old – and still a tiny peanut!  He was awake for most of his portraits, and very expressive.  He makes the cutest faces!  I just love this series of him stretching.



Pure Sweetness

Absolutely Adorable!


Dalton – Connecticut Baby Photography

Dalton came into this world with quite an entrance. He gave his parents a scare early on and it’s one they will surely never forget. Hearing their story of Dalton’s heart surgery brought me back to a my own personal experience when my son was born. I saw the same fear in their eyes that I had in mine. My son had a cleft lip and palate that required numerous surgeries during his first year. As hard and scary as that was then, it has only made us stronger now. When something happens to your child it makes you feel the most vulnerable you have ever felt. And I really have my son to thank for showing me how strong I can be. I didn’t realize when he was born that he had a wild spirit, that of a fighter. And I see that so much more now that he’s 6. The way he can be so stubborn, and so determined and the way he shrugs off bumps and bruises like it’s nothing. I saw this same spirit in Dalton. This sequence of photos is my absolute favorite.

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