My little bro

This is John, my brother. He’s fun, unique, athletic, loves movies & music. Oh yeah, and has Down Syndrome. He’s turning 30 this year. (yes, he’s younger than me!) So there’s a big celebration about to happen in a couple of weeks. I thought I would get the party started early and take a few pics of him before the big day. I know I can’t wait. Payback is grand, he he.







I’m cravin Pralines

I had the honor of attending Taryn’s bridal shower last weekend. I just love showers. Everything was so lovely, each little detail was so well thought out. We all arrived to a growing stack of presents – each one beautifully wrapped. There were tulips on the table and cute sea glass soap for the favors. We had a delicious lunch followed by sea-shell cupcakes and ice cream sundaes! (for those of you who know me well – this is a soft spot of mine :) ) Next stop – bachelorette party!






My 3 minutes of fame on Better Connecticut…

Hooray! I was on Better Connecticut this past Wed. (February 4th). It was such a great experience! They came out and filmed me doing a newborn session. They interviewed me while I was setting up and shooting my session, which was great. Everyone at News Channel 3 was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable during the interview. (I was a tad bit nervous!) I must admit, it’s very strange seeing and listening to yourself on TV! Thanks so much to Dina for allowing everyone to come into her home (especially weeks after having a baby – we all know what that’s like :) ) You can check out the video at:

Here’s a few of my favorites from the session and also the one they showed on Better CT!






Fun Engagement Session

This is one engagement shoot I never posted on the blog. I absolutely loved this session, I guess time just got away from me! The pics were taken at Hammonassett Beach and also Eli Cannon’s in Middletown. We went to the beach first (the beach is an important place to them) and then headed to Eli’s for some fun pics. I had a hard time going through these and picking a few out to post, I liked so many! They had a GREAT save-the-date made using the pics. The soon-to-be bride is very talented in many areas and one is photoshop. So, she took on the challenge of designing her own and sent one to me! I love the way they turned out. We are looking forward to a great time at the wedding in May!


I love this one in black and white!!

This is one of T’s favorite images from the shoot.

This is so J and T, they are an awesome couple! Shaun added the border and “look” to the image on the right and I love it!

My mom is a rebel…

So, a little history here. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years and 3 months ago. Since then, she has had numerous surgeries and grueling treatments. Thankfully (I’m BEYOND thankful) she is cancer free! Last year in Nov. to celebrate the one year mark, she went and got her ear pierced. Actually the TOP of her ear pierced. You know, way up on the side/top of the ear? She always keeps a pink earring in that hole. She thought this was really daring – I thought it was so-so on the daring scale but really great to have a mini celebration. It’s a great way to mark the 1yr anniversary! Soo…this past Nov. she calls me up and says she wants to do something daring again for her 2 year mark.

A TATTOO! What? She must have lost it for sure! My mother has ALWAYS been the anti-tattoo mom. (I know this first hand since I have a couple of my own and she was never very fond of it.) But, you know, she’s a rebel now. Soo…I volunteer myself to come along and possibly get another one. Just for moral support, of course. An old friend of mine who works over at Transcend Tattoo in Branford designed and did the work. What an amazing job he did! I can’t say it enough! My mom envisioned a butterfly with the pink ribbon for the body. We both decided to have it done on our left foot (that’s the side her cancer was on). So, we now have matching tattoos. It’s not the tattoo that’s imprinted on my foot, it’s the memory imprinted in my heart. It perfectly marks the anniversary. I’m just a little nervous for what this year might bring……

She wanted to go first
Breast Cancert tattoo-1

Starting the outline
Breast Cancert tattoo-2

The starting art from my guy at Transcend and the final product on my mom. (we wanted the ribbon longer than the drawing)
Breast Cancert tattoo-4

One from my mom’s camera.. This is my 4th time under the needle, but my 3rd tattoo.
Breast Cancert tattoo-5

What’s coming in 2009…
Breast Cancert Tatoo

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