I almost went for a swim….

My favorite special I offer is a complimentary engagement session for anyone who is planning an upcoming wedding. I love meeting people before their wedding day and I feel there’s no better way than to have a “getting to know you session”. That’s waaay more fun than sitting down and having a consultation! I like people to get to know my style and see if we’re match. (no this isn’t the Dating Game!) This is how I met Candace and Greg. They’re planning a 2010 wedding. Shaun and I met them this weekend at Harkness State Park. They’re the SWEETEST couple. We heard about their love story and their upcoming wedding plans. We talked about our jobs and where we live. Oh yeah, and we took a bunch of pics too. They’re pretty sweet as well :)

We started in the greenhouse area, where I found out Candace has a Beautiful Smile… especially when she is in Greg’s arms.

This next series of three is my favorite little nook at Harkness.. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Great Expectations!


I just love this moment!

I was chasing this ray of sunlight around right from the moment I entered the gardens. I finally found the spot where it was hitting Greg and Candace perfectly. I love the warm glow of the sunlight on their skin against the cool shadows of the garden.


Every once in a while Shaun finds a pic where he likes to do a bit more with it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t…. I love it in this image!!


This is where I almost went swimming…. that water was cold!!


This was the perfect shot to close this session. Candace and Greg, it was great to meet you both… Enjoy the Preview.

Komen Race for the Cure

On Saturday my team, Gurley’s Gang, walked the 4k for the Komen foundation. It was more than just a walk for me. It was more than just great freebies, and fun music and getting a t-shirt. It was an achievement. ONE, I want to thank EVERYONE who helped us raise an AMAZING $1725! And TWO, because it was a wonderful way to celebrate my mom’s recovery from breast cancer.

Komen Team

Susan & Luis

Another great engagement session this week! I’m so excited about the weddings I’ll be shooting this year! All the couples Shaun and I have met with recently are so great. We’re in for such a fun wedding season.
I don’t think there was a better location to have had this session. Gillette Castle in East Haddam just seemed to fit them.
A little background – Luis and Susan are into performing and let’s just say they’re really good at it! I didn’t have to ask them to “do” anything. They just did it! They posed themselves, they hugged, they laughed and they joked around a little. Ok….a lot actually. But that’s just them. And I captured that quite a few times. I could have made this blog post just on the “out takes”. And believe me, it would have been hilarious!


Aren’t they naturals in front the camera?

SO here is how the next three pictures fit together.. follow the dialog below
Shaun: “Susan, you have amazing eyes!”
Susan: “Wow, thank you”
Luis: “Yes, she has bedroom eyes!”
Susan: Gives Luis that look that Shaun knows all to well (see second pic)
Shaun: “Oh, Jenn nailed that shot.. this is definite blog material”
Everyone: laughing (pic 3 of this series)


I had to lay on the ground for this pic.. I really wanted that moon in there…


We headed over to the Goodspeed Opera House for a change of scenery

Serious….very serious


And THIS is my personal favorite…After taking pics outside, Shaun said “think we might be able to go inside?” We walked in and we were not welcomed with open arms. But I found this couch and HAD to use it. I got this shot by standing in the MENS bathroom doorway and dodging an usher or two. So worth it!!


Walking the Dogs….

Shaun and I met with Mike and Michelle for their engagement session this week. They brought along their two dogs to get in on the action – actually, they WERE the action! They ran all over the place, all over each other and swam in the river. It was hilarious! We managed to get a few shots of them before we ran out of treats!
The location they picked was a quiet walking path along the river in Farmington. Here’s a few favs:



Shaun caught the one where they were getting cozy by the tree….


I just loved the way Mike looked at Michelle, and he would always lean over and kiss her head. So sweet!



I LOVED all this tall grass


We had a great time guys – and we’re looking forward to shooting your wedding in July! Check back for a slideshow of their session!

“He’s a wittle bit gooey…..”


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