6 years old

Characteristics of a 6 year old:
You MUST change your earrings everyday to match your outfit, no matter what.
You CAN be sweet and sassy (Even at the same time)
You lost your first tooth (Oh how I love that jack-o-lantern style grin)
You know just how to aggravate your brother
People can’t spell words they don’t want you to know anymore – no sir. You can figure those out quick.
You dance in the livingroom, watching your reflection in the tv to make sure you’ve got the moves right
And last – your smile can light up a room – and mommy & daddy’s heart. (yeah, that definitely means you’re 6)





Luis & Susan’s Wedding

Sue & Luis have a fairytale kind of love. The kind of fairytale you’d like to read over and over because it has such a happy ending. They had a beautiful wedding day. There were many tears (of joy!) and a very fun bridal party. And I just have to say that Susan had the most GORGEOUS wedding dress I’ve ever seen. (And I won’t spill the beans on what she paid for it…..but it was the best deal I’ve ever heard of!) And she looked stunning in it.


The wedding party dressed in a rainbow of colors


This moment choked me up…on the way to the church Sue’s mom reached over and kissed her on the hand

They had a Playbill – it had headshots of all the key people in the wedding and a description of them as well. So cool.

My favorite of the day – compliments of Shaun

They had an emotional first glance at each other.




They had the best kiss!


We headed over to the Aqua Turf


Aren’t they adorable?






You’ll never guess who caught the garter (they switched and Sue threw the garter and Luis threw the bouquet!) Needless to say they had to do it over….

My other favorite


Mike & Michelle’s Wedding

Michelle & Mike HAVE to be two of the most fun-lov’in people I’ve ever met. And I’m not the only one who feels this way – that’s for sure! They were surrounded by all their family and friends – and it was hard not to breathe in the love that was felt towards them by all. Their day couldn’t have been more perfect. They started the afternoon with a ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Farmington, then headed to Simsbury for a BEAUTIFUL tree ceremony, and then off to the Riverview for a PARTY!! (I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding where the dance floor was so FULL of people all night long!) I heard 3 of the most wonderful toasts. All of which made me tear up. (Very difficult to look through wet, teary eyes while taking pics!) Mike & Michelle were soo gracious and thoughtful towards us on THEIR wedding day. We are truly lucky to have been chosen to share their day with them. And (not naming any names) but I’m totally over the broken glass/spilled beer all over my pant leg. No worries, it’s all part of the fun :)

This necklace is a family heirloom from Ireland


Michelle looked gorgeous in this dress!

Mike-the handsome groom

I love this one! You can tell she’s so bored with the picture thing

It was adorable- Michelle’s dad was holding onto the back of her dress so it wouldn’t drag on the ground before they entered the church

Shaun caught Mike’s first glimpse of Michelle as she entered the church – I love the look on his face!



Still a favorite moment

This was the tree ceremony – I couldn’t believe how big this tree was!

Such beautiful sun

Michelle cried while her mother talked about her wonderful personality. It was such a touching moment.

Then they tied a ribbon around the tree





Aren’t they adorable?


I LOVE this moment Michelle had with Mike’s Grandma


It was so sweet – at the end of the night Mike was rubbing Michelle’s tired feet.

Michelle told us when they went to the jewelers to get their wedding bands the jeweler told Mike he had “mitts” for hands – because his ring size was so big. Compared to hers, I’d say so.

3 years old

Characteristics of a 3 year old:
You CAN be batman and spiderman in one day (phew! that clears up that myth!)
You can survive on lollipops alone (if someone would only let you)
The surface you’re walking on can turn to hot lava at ANY given moment (very tricky)
You know just how to aggravate your sister (even if she IS older than you)
You can catch frogs like it’s your job (well, it IS your job)
You have the ability to carry on a conversation and not pronounce any S, F or L sounds at the beginning of a word. (example, My wittle doot is tilly. Translation: My little foot is silly.)
And last – you have the CUTEST little grin ever. (yeah, that definitely means you’re 3)

Happy Birthday little man!



I just returned from a vacation on the Cape. Despite a bit of rain, it turned out to be a really nice week. I’m trying to get myself back into work mode – but it’s a slow transition. Laying on the beach, sipping sangria, listening to the sounds of the waves…..you get the idea. It’s hard to step back into reality. Sooo…I’m reliving it one last time in this post.

We stayed in a quaint beach house just a short stroll from the beach. Picture: a big inviting deck on the front of the house, a tire swing hanging on the back tree, beautiful wild flower gardens, and a large wood sided house that had windows that swung open like shutters. The inside was cottage – meets shabby chic. I couldn’t have thrown all the new modern elements together with the old antique pieces and made it look that good. I wish I could have bottled up all the cozy goodness and brought it home with me. Instead, I took a bunch of pics. Anytime I want to go back….I take a stroll through these. Oh, or I look at the 2 hermit crabs who found their way home with us. :)











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