Cristina & Gary sittin in a tree….

This session was held at Chaffinch Island in Guilford. It was a seriously COLD day but had some of the best evening sun I’ve seen. Cristina and Gary were very good sports through the whole thing. They had goosebumps and red noses but it was worth it in the end. I just love how fun they are. They were joking around and laughing through the whole session! I wish you guys the best with your wedding planning – you deserve a spectacular 2011 wedding day!

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Sara is a senior

I’m so glad I got to know Sara at this session. She’s funny and sweet. She’s photogenic and a dancer. She’s into performing and very comfortable in front of the camera. And, best of all, she was up for anything! I met her at Wadsworth Falls in Middlefield. We had a gorgeous day (in between many rainy days) so we really lucked out. I’ve been to this spot before, mainly to walk around and take in the sights, but I really saw it in a different light during the shoot. There are a lot of beautiful spots there. And Sara’s great idea was to get in the water and play around. So….we rolled up our jeans and headed into the chilly water. I complained a bit more than she did (ok, she enjoyed every minute of it!) but I’m really glad I followed her in there. Thanks for being up for anything. I had a great time!

Isn’t she adorable?

My favorite series of pics

You have got skills doing that pose while balancing on a rock in cold water. All I got while balancing on a rock to take the pic was a wet butt!

Wes’s Baptism

I was very fortunate to be asked to shoot Wes’s baptism. This family had me document their daughter’s baptism 2 years ago at the same gorgeous church, St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange CT. I was very new to the Greek orthodox baptism process. It is very long, and usually most babies end up in tears at some point. There are many steps involved in the baptism, the oil, then they immerse the baby in water three times, cut his hair and change his clothes a couple of times as well. (If you’re ambitious, you can read all about it on their website.) And to top it off, the parent’s aren’t allowed to be a part of it. Wes was a trooper. He barely made a sound throughout the entire ceremony. His godmother held him and comforted him and I believe that made all the difference.
I was very enlightened by the baptism. There is so much symbolism involved. The new godmother took on her role wholeheartedly. She had everything meticulously laid out for the baby. She had to supply his outfit, cross and all the favors for the guests. You could feel her excitement as she prepared to become his godmother. Not only could I feel her excitement, but also the excitement of all the family members who attended that day. They were very pleased to be witnessing a great moment in Wes’s life.

Wes was the little star of the day

The baptism starts in the back of the church

The two proud godparents smile at Wes

I just loved this last shot of the godmother holding Wes!

Bee & Thistle Inn

I had the pleasure of photographing an 85th birthday party at The Bee and Thistle Inn and Spa in Old Lyme. It was a beautiful evening with an even more beautiful birthday girl! There was great food, great drinks and plenty of smiles. I loved the garden where they had the cocktail hour. It was absolutely charming!

Kendall & Rick Wedding

My latest wedding in Guilford CT was a true family affair. It started out at the Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club, then onto the wedding at the bride’s home and finished with a wonderful brunch on Sunday. Having the wedding at the bride’s parent’s home is a family tradition. So far 2 of the 4 sisters have been married in the sprawling country backyard. The garden was in full bloom, the barn was converted into the kitchen for the caterers and the huge white tent was set up at the bottom of the yard. There was so much care put into every little detail. The best part of the day was watching Kendall & Rick. They were so appreciative of everyone. They couldn’t stop thanking everyone for being there. And even though there were a lot of guests there that night, they still found each other on the crowded dance floor. Thank you guys for making us feel like a part of the family for the weekend and for letting us share your day!

This is one of my favorite dress pics. It looked perfect hanging in their family farmhouse

Rick & Kendall wrote their own vows. My favorite part is I will share in your dreams and support your struggles.

This was a favorite moment of mine when Kendall’s dad got to see her in her dress for the first time

Her grandmother’s veil was also worn by her mother

Ricky and Kendall met before the ceremony. I love when couples’ meet before the ceremony – there are always great moments to capture.

There was a pre-ceremony blessing out in the garden. I love the look on Kendall’s mom’s face as she watched them together.

The Priest gave Ricky words of wisdom in the form of a baseball analogy about the Yankees winning ways, the only thing is Ricky is a huge Red Sox Fan!!

I love this portrait out in the front of the house!

I took Lola’s newborn pics last year, isn’t she adorable!!

All three sisters and Ricky’s brother gave very heartfelt and funny speeches!!

YES, they were as good as they look!!

Love these next two during their first dance!!

And then the party kicked into high gear!!

The final shot of the night.  Thank you Ricky and Kendall.  Hope you enjoy the preview.

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