My cute little man

I took my son out the other day for a mini photo shoot. My daughter was in school and I thought I could get his full attention. And maybe, possibly have him make some eye contact with me (the camera) and not her. Well, it lasted for about 15 min. or so and then it was over. He’s 2, what can I say? I took him to Eli Canon’s in Middletown. The outside of that place is so cool, great colors, signs, etc. I pass by there all the time and have always wanted to do a shoot out front. I’m constantly on the look-out for new places to shoot. Sometimes the most unlikely places make the best backdrops. So….that brings me to my point (it wasn’t just that my kid is cute!). Everyone who decides to book a session should give the location some serious thought. There are so many great spots in CT and I’m open for suggestions. It can really take your session to the next level when you pick the right location. And I’m always willing to make recommendations too!