Some of you may have met her already – she’s the cute blonde that’s been assisting me on some shoots recently….(drum roll please!)

A little bit about her:
1. Kelsey is attending Paier College of Art for Photography. She will be finishing up her first year this spring.
2. She can carry a camera bag, a light stand, umbrella and reflector like nobody’s business.
3. She is great at posing for pics when I’m scouting out locations (I have a fantastic variety of out-takes, all of Kelsey).
4. She keeps me awake on the long drive home after shoots.
5. She doesn’t have any cooking skills (but we don’t hold that against her!).
6. And last, but not least, she’s blooming into a talented photographer!

I’m so grateful to have Kelsey help me on sessions – Thank you!!

This last photo is a self portrait Kelsey did for her photo class. Love it!