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The Face of Love } Happy Annivesary

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of my grandparents. They are truly the most amazing two people in the world.
Here is what they wrote to each other (on Facebook none the less – they’re up with the times!)

{ Happy 63 Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful wife Lee..To dream the impossible dream and have it come true..Who could ask for
anything more.?? Love You Charlie }

{ How the years fly by!! 63 years today and now we have 38 in our family and soon it will be 39. I love you Charlie!! forever!! I
am so proud of you and our family!! }

They are such an inspiration! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Father’s Day } My Dad

He nicknamed me “Crash Gordon” as a kid because I was so graceful

The source of my curly hair

He taught me that Friday the 13th was a lucky day and there was no such thing as superstition

Taught me how to build a fire the old fashioned way – with sticks and a match

Told me the story of walking home a girl he had a crush on and she picked up a half eaten chewy candy off the ground and ate it. That ended that :)

Knows how good a James Bond movie really is

Likes classic rock – that’s the first station programmed on my Pandora

Loves my family like no other and has been married to my mom for 40 years!

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad every day of the year! I love you!

My coffee “lens”

I received this cool gadget for Christmas last year. It’s very deceiving :) I was even fooled when I opened it. I was concerned at first that I had just opened a lens that I already owned. And I hate to disappointment people when they are so excited to give you a gift and learn that you will be returning it. But to my surprise, this lens would be holding my daily dose of caffeine. I even think my peppermint mocha creamer tastes better in it.

Here’s a link if you would like to get your own or one for your favorite photo lover!


I was recently asked by Bridgett, owner of Perideau Designs, to do some head shots for her website. She is in the process of updating and re-designing it and wanted a fresh look. I took a peak at her blog recently and was happy to see we picked some of the same favorite pics. You can see mine below. Doesn’t she look beautiful?!
Bridgett is not only an amazing person, but a great business woman. Smart and savvy. I just adore her products. I highly recommend taking a look through her site to see all the goodies she offers. I got to see her products in person and the little muslin bags are so sweet. I also really admire how organized and motivated she is. (There are seriously some days where I could use a lesson in that department!) Bridgett is the type of woman who puts her mind to something and is successful at it.
I was really excited to be working with her again (I’ve done just a FEW family pics with her before) and I’m always humbled when they call me back each year. Her daughter is adorable!! Thanks Bridgett :)

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

This post is about DRAMA.. not the kind you find all over the television now-a-days.  More like the kind that makes a photo jump out and grab you, or more like the kind that great actors produce every time they get into character.  As you can tell from the images below the cast of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” knows how to bring drama.  This cast consists of Students, Alumni and Staff of Middletown Teen Theater.

Middletown Teen Theater is a local theater camp for various ages that is put on Ali Sinicrope and her hand picked staff.  They have summer and vacation camps where your child can learn the ins and outs of performance theater (not to mention, the character building that comes along with it) from an extremely talented staff.  Don’t believe me? Check out “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at the Middletown High School, June 24-26th at 7pm for all three shows.  You can purchase tickets online here.

You will not be disappointed!!

Back to Reality (almost!)

I’ve gotten waaaay behind on posting. But I have a very good reason for this….vacation!! Not just any vacation, but a sandy beach, warm sun, adult only (kids stayed with the grandparents!) vacation! I’m now in overdrive tyring to get caught back up on posting. So those of you who have been anxiously waiting for your sneak peaks they are coming asap!
Here’s a little preview of our paradise in St. Thomas. I’m doing my best to get back into reality. As we speak I’m sipping a glass of water pretending it’s a pina colada. Ok, so I’m slowly making the transition!

NO, I am not Pioneer Woman

Yesterday at lunch time the usual question was asked – “What’s for lunch?”.   After I tell my son we’re having tuna fish he says, “Yuck! That’s cat food!” I tried to tell him that tuna fish is not for cats – it IS in fact for people. He doesn’t believe me. He brings up the point that we FEED it to the cats. Yes we do. How can I argue? I tell him that it’s just a treat for them, but really it’s for us. He still doesn’t believe me. And now he won’t even TRY it. Oh well. He’s missing out on some mayo, pepper, honey mustard, and a tiny bit of onion goodness.  That’s  my recipe anyway – I’m certainly no Pioneer Woman – but I can dream. So I guess that means there’s more for me.  And the cats.

“My Heart is Happy”

Most 6 year olds are concerned about what they got for Christmas or if they will have gym tomorrow at school.

Most 6 year olds are trying to keep their little brother out of their room and really love riding their bike.

And, like most other 6 year olds, this one does all of those things. But she also does a bit more…

She’s compassionate.  She’s fair.  She has a great ability to see the good in people.  She’s mature beyond her years in some ways, and in other ways, she’s just a regular six year old.

But to me, she’s amazing.  And I’m so proud and awed by the things that make her who she is.

She started asking back in July around her 6th birthday.  She really wanted to donate her money to the Children’s Hospital in CT.  “To help the kids” she said. We told her we thought it was a great idea and she could save some money and make a donation. She saved all her tooth fairy money and filled her piggy bank with any change she could find.  Last week we all went to the hospital and brought her donation with us.  It didn’t matter how much money she brought with her in the envelope.

The thing that really mattered was what she said on the way home in the car…  “my heart is happy”.

6 years old

Characteristics of a 6 year old:
You MUST change your earrings everyday to match your outfit, no matter what.
You CAN be sweet and sassy (Even at the same time)
You lost your first tooth (Oh how I love that jack-o-lantern style grin)
You know just how to aggravate your brother
People can’t spell words they don’t want you to know anymore – no sir. You can figure those out quick.
You dance in the livingroom, watching your reflection in the tv to make sure you’ve got the moves right
And last – your smile can light up a room – and mommy & daddy’s heart. (yeah, that definitely means you’re 6)





3 years old

Characteristics of a 3 year old:
You CAN be batman and spiderman in one day (phew! that clears up that myth!)
You can survive on lollipops alone (if someone would only let you)
The surface you’re walking on can turn to hot lava at ANY given moment (very tricky)
You know just how to aggravate your sister (even if she IS older than you)
You can catch frogs like it’s your job (well, it IS your job)
You have the ability to carry on a conversation and not pronounce any S, F or L sounds at the beginning of a word. (example, My wittle doot is tilly. Translation: My little foot is silly.)
And last – you have the CUTEST little grin ever. (yeah, that definitely means you’re 3)

Happy Birthday little man!


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