Some tips for getting your “perfect” photo for the Holidays

If you haven’t yet captured the perfect holiday photo, don’t despair. Stephanie Roeder, a card stylist at Shutterfly, offers these tips to help get the job done. More advice is available online at

  • When taking a photo of the whole family, the rule of thumb is leave the busy holiday patterns for holiday pajamas. If family members insist on wearing clashing colors, opt for a black and white photo. It’s flattering for everyone and pairs well with the largest selection of card designs.
  • You know your kids best, so plan on taking photos at a time that is right for them, not when they’re over-tired or craving a meal.
  • A posed family portrait is still the most popular choice for holiday card photos. However, candid shots are gaining in popularity as a way to add a light-hearted touch to the season. Have the family try to make a pyramid, bring the dog into the photo, or simply chronicle the spontaneous moments of any given day to capture your family’s unscripted moments.
  • If you are choosing an outdoor location, remember to keep the light source behind you and get some of the colors of the outdoors into the shot along with your subjects. If you’re shooting indoors, try to forgo the flash by flooding the house with natural or artificial light. The tiny flash on a camera can sometimes produce a harsh and cold effect.
  • Take your photos both horizontally and vertically to avail yourself of the greatest option of corresponding card designs.
  • Keep your camera close at hand — you never know when you’ll catch a perfect moment.
  • Get close up and down to a baby’s level; the photos will turn out much more interesting from that angle.