Kyle & Kelsey – Wickham Park Manchester, CT

Kelsey is passionate, caring, fun loving and has a very big heart. I’ve known her for quite a few years now and she holds a special with me. You may remember back some time ago when Kelsey was assisting me on family shoots while she was studying photography at Paier School of Art. I was honored when she asked me to document her wedding with Kyle. I’ve gotten to know Kyle while they were dating and from some photo sessions I’ve had with them. He is the perfect other half to Kelsey. They are friends first. They respect each other. They love each others family. They don’t take themselves too seriously – which I love :) Their wedding was filled with some happy tears, some rain, and a lot of laughs. It was my privilege to be there through it all. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. All their close family and friends at were at the ceremony in Wickham Park and then back to Kelsey’s brother’s house for a beautiful tented reception in Middletown. I wish you guys all the best in married life. I know you two will have many, many happy years together!

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